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  • Name: Julia Gätjens
  • Location: Frankfurt, Germany
  • E-Mail: julia@gaetjens.de
  • LinkedIn:

Hi there, I'm Julia!

I have always been deeply passionate about languages. My journey began with natural languages and eventually led me to discover a fascination for programming languages. Here are my areas of expertise:

  • Software Development

    As an IT professional, I'm consulting companies and the public sector on digital transformation and DevSecOps best practices.

  • Simultaneous Interpreting

    As a simultaneous interpreter, I have had the great honor of translating at high-level diplomatic meetings and on television, lending my voice to prominent leaders like Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

  • Public Speaking

    When I'm not coding or interpreting, you can find me speaking at conferences and meetups. I'm passionate about topics such as DevSecOps, women in tech, and digital transformation.

Although my path to a career in tech may not have been typical, I believe it has provided me with a unique perspective and skillset that have proven invaluable in my work. I am enthusiastic about continuing to push boundaries and making a positive impact in the tech industry, especially when it comes to promoting diversity and inclusion. I strongly believe that a diverse team with a variety of perspectives and backgrounds is essential to creating innovative solutions and driving progress forward.


I write articles on Medium about a variety of topics, including learning strategies, communication skills, and career development. Check out my latest posts.

Keeping Calm under Pressure: A Simultaneous Interpreter's Perspective

What lessons about resilience can we learn from simultaneous interpreters? Discover strategies how to stay focused, calm your nerves and deliver your best results.

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The Power of Transferable Skills: How My Non-Tech Background Prepared Me for a Career in Tech

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Balancing Work and Personal Life as a Tech Professional

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Over the years, I've had the opportunity to share my insights and experiences on a diverse range of topics related to my work as a software developer and conference interpreter. As someone who values the power of community and knowledge-sharing, I consider it a privilege to have been invited to speak at various events. Below, you'll find a sampling of my past and upcoming engagements.

German IT Days 2023
Opening Keynote at the German IT Days 2023
Frankfurt, Germany

The Power of Synergy: AI in the Software Development

Cloud Expo Europe 2023
Cloud Expo Europe 2023
Frankfurt, Germany

Beyond CI/CD: Building a Culture of Continuous Improvement with Value Stream Management

Cloud Native Conference 2023
Cloud Native Conference 2023
Eppstein, Germany

From CI/CD to Continuous Improvement: Leveraging Value Stream Management to Build a Culture of Excellence

CCX 2023
Cloud Computing Virtual Conference 2023

Software Supply Chain Security: Preventing Cascading Cyberattacks with SBOMs.

Golden Hairpin Award 2022
Golden Hairpin Award 2022
Leersum, Netherlands

Unbreakable: The Resilience of Ukrainian Women